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At Wright On Yachts, we keep you in the dark! We reveal our tips and tricks to make your travel photos a success. Photographer is a profession in its own right, but taking beautiful pictures during your holidays is quite possible. On condition that:

Follow some basic rules, my dear Wright On Yachts.

“This place was IN-CRO-YA-BLE! I’ll show you! »

Quiet. Quiet.

“No, actually, it doesn’t look good in a picture…. »


If only this photograph could transcribe and pay tribute to the splendour and immensity of your little piece of paradise… That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Good news, after this article – and a little practice – it will be the case!

Just with a phone? Guaranteed results anyway

Already, no complex to have! You don’t need a huge Nikon around your neck to hit the nail on the head! Because:

phones are more and more advanced in terms of photo quality;
fabulous applications allow you to edit your photos directly from your smartphone. And to find out which ones, go below;
P. Adams said, “A camera has never made a great image, any more than a typewriter has written a great novel. “YOU make the right picture.
Nine remarkable small rectangles


You draw two vertical and two horizontal lines on your camera or phone screen. In fact, most of them offer to display them.

This gives you nine equal rectangles.

On the lines and at their intersections, place the strong points of your image.

On one of the two horizontal lines, place a major horizontal axis of your composition (the horizon for example).

and/or on one of the two vertical lines, place a major vertical axis of your composition (a person standing for example).

It’s called the third party rule. Remember! It is a great basic of photographic technique.

Hop hop hop hop! We’re moving forward!

Ok, zooming is nice and sometimes very practical… If you are on the edge of a cliff or if you photograph a lion ready to eat you from a distance. Otherwise, no! And we’re barely exaggerating.

Because you’ve probably noticed that the quality of a zoomed image takes a heavy toll. So Wright On Yachts, take your courage with both hands and walk as close as you can to your subject.

Tick-tock, we go out at the best possible time

The “golden hours”, a rather flashy name but well found. These are the hours located about an hour before and one hour after sunrise and sunset. At that moment, the sky is adorned with its most sublime colours. It’s THE best time to shoot your environment.

bonus 1: the wonder is multiplied in front of a monument, a crowd or a landscape bathed in these lights;
bonus 2: at sunrise, you can discover the tourist places, without tourists.

Find your subject

When travelling, everything is a pretext to be amazed. In the heart of the scenes of life that you want to immortalize, look for your subject. A person, a plant, an object, an animal, a detail, a building, the possibilities are endless!

Energize your photo, tell a story, focus on originality, guide the reader’s eye by highlighting an element.

Then use the third party rule mentioned above.

We climb, we squat, we walk on our hands if we have to

Behind the scenes of a photographer’s life: acrobatic sessions! Because pictures at man’s height can lack character or bias your message/feeling, don’t hesitate to move. Capture your subjects from below, above, near, near, far, sideways, sideways, front, back.

In short, never be satisfied with only the obvious.