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CBD and Cosmetics

Five innovative products of the highest quality, designed for a beauty-routine suitable for every need. This is the new range of cosmetic products by Enecta: two types of cream – moisturizing and anti-wrinkle – a lip balm, a facial cleanser and a body milk.

The whole line has as a common denominator cannabidiol (CBD), the active ingredient of hemp whose benefits are also recognized in an unprecedented sector: that of cosmetics.

Why CBD in cosmetics?

In recent decades, scientific studies aimed at investigating the effects of topical use of cannabinoids have brought out interesting results, to the point of recording a sharp increase in investment in the specific field of cannabidiol for cosmetic use.

CBD or Cannabidiol, is known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties. CBD, in fact, has an action on the system that regulates endocannabinoids, lipid molecules produced by the body in response to stimuli of various kinds that have the ability to bind to cannabinoid receptors.

So far two types of cannabinoid receptors are known, called CB1, identified in 1990, and CB2, discovered three years later, in 1993. The stimulation of CB2 receptors, at the moment identified in the central nervous system and in some cells of the immune system, is responsible for the anti-inflammatory action attributed to CBD. This property of cannabidiol, as well as its anti-oxidant action, have made the use of CBD in cosmetics become more and more frequent.

Already used overseas by millions of consumers, CBD has become famous for its interesting dermocosmetic properties, which can prevent and counteract multiple pathological conditions and skin diseases [2], including eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. CBD is also endowed with an excellent antioxidant power [1], which is ideal for preventing skin aging. In addition, cannabidiol contributes to the regulation of skin sebum [3-4], making it an ally in combating acne.

Not only CBD

It would be unfair to attribute to cannabidiol alone the role of sole and exclusive protagonist of Enecta’s new cosmetic line. Hemp seed oil, for example, is present in each of the five formulations. Hemp seed oil is an ingredient already well known to the world of cosmetics, thanks to the presence of fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Hemp seed oil gives the products emollient properties, which acting in depth, help to preserve the skin from redness, irritation and inflammation, dehydration and the action of external atmospheric agents. These properties act in parallel with those of cannabidiol, thus achieving a naturally effective action on our skin. Finally, there are also vitamins C and E, with important antioxidant properties, which slow down the processes of cellular aging and depression of the immune system, eliminating free radicals.

The cosmetic line of Enecta

Five products to satisfy every need

Body Milk with 200 mg of CBD

A moisturizing milk rich in CBD to protect all skin types: even the most delicate. Rich in natural oils – including hemp seed oil – to be especially nourishing.

Moisturizing cream with 350 mg of CBD

To protect all skin types. An exclusive formula, rich in hemp seed oil to fortify the epidermis and deeply moisturize the skin.

Face and neck cleanser with 200 mg of CBD

Gently cleanses all skin types, even the most sensitive or acne-prone, thanks to the presence of CBD. Enriched with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, in addition to moisturizing, it acts as a sebum-regulator.

Anti-wrinkle cream with 700 mg of CBD

Prevents and attenuates the signs of aging, thanks to a complex of antioxidant substances, including cannab idiol (CBD) and vitamin C. The result? Younger, brighter-looking skin.

First-of-its-kind lip balm with 50mg cannabidiol

Enecta’s first pioneering CBD cosmetic. As useful in winter as it is in summer. Thanks to its base of oils, waxes and other antioxidants like Cannabidiol and Tocopherols, it defends lips by creating a protective film that prevents infection.

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