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Educational Tour For Seniors

Would you have known? Originally, travelling (apart from commercial interests) was mainly for educational purposes. It was not until the 19th century that people began to seek recreation and relaxation while travelling. When the prices for air travel became affordable, this concept of travel finally prevailed.

Today, more and more people are discovering the benefits of classic educational travel. And best of all: education and recreation can be wonderfully combined. In today’s article you will learn everything about educational travel, the advantages of this type of travel and why seniors should take educational trips.

Educational journeys is a must

For young humans education journeys or study journeys belong today completely naturally to the training in addition – foreign experience is nowadays finally more important than ever.

In addition, in the later life educational journeys bring many advantages with themselves. Straight ones for seniors are education journeys of inestimable value, help you nevertheless to remain mentally fit and to extend the own horizon. Educational trips are the best way not only to travel to foreign countries, but to really understand and experience them authentically. Which emphasis you set thereby, is completely up to you.

History comes alive on educational trips

The history of a country is usually at the forefront of classical educational journeys. This is brought to life by visiting historically important places. These are often places that are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, for example:

the Angkor temple complex in Cambodia
the Taj Mahal in India
the stone city of Zanzibar in Tanzania
or the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru

In order to understand the culture of a country, you have to get to know its people. Contact with locals is therefore a top priority on educational trips. This can be difficult – especially if you are on your own – because of the language barrier. A travel guide helps to overcome language barriers and discover similarities. In addition, he knows the places where the locals meet and leads you to authentic places off the beaten track.

Individual themed tours for seniors

If you are particularly interested in a specific topic, you can plan educational trips for seniors with an individual focus. How about, for example, a trip to the most important stages in the life of a historical personality or a round trip to the locations of famous films?

Educational trips: good to know

Educational trips also bring many advantages for the travel countries: The income helps to improve the quality of life of the locals and to invest in infrastructure. Since travelers to culturally and historically relevant places attract travellers and are therefore economically important, money is invested in their preservation and care. And old traditions and customs are also being preserved, as the cultural heritage of a country attracts travellers and thus becomes decisive for economic success.

Why should seniors in particular undertake educational trips?

“Who rests, rusts” – current studies confirm this old folk wisdom. Those who learn new things not only broaden their own horizons, but also keep their brains fit and prevent diseases of old age. A study by Edinburgh University showed that learning a foreign language can protect against diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

If you want to keep your brain fit, you need to use and train it constantly. The best way to do this is with things that you enjoy. Through joy and enthusiasm, the hormone dopamine is released, which makes it easier for synapses (which are important for brain performance) to connect with each other. Rest and inactivity, on the other hand, are poison for the brain.

Studies show that two other factors are decisive in keeping the brain fit in old age: Lots of exercise and social contacts. The brain wants to be stressed – therefore one should always deal with new things. In this way you remain dynamic and maintain an alert mind and a high quality of life.

Educational trips are an ideal opportunity for seniors to do something good for themselves and to stay healthy.

Especially in old age, it is important to remain active and to strain body and mind. However, some points have to be taken into account during educational trips for seniors.

After all, seniors have different needs than young people or families, for example. Enchanting Travels is a travel provider for tailor-made individual trips. Thus we adjust ourselves completely individually to your desires and needs.