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Music Production and Mixing Tips

What makes a professional recording pro? What is the “noise” that the pros get and how can you make your recordings appear extra professional?

The basic response is – there’s no basic response. Yet with cautious listening and a little experience you can develop excellent results with modest devices.

Great mixing begins ear

The initial, as well as crucial item of devices, is – who recognizes? Any individual? It’s your ears! Sorry to inform you this, but listening to 10 hours of Rave at 110dB will certainly do nothing for them and you may too provide your mix to a turtle as try to combine with mistreated ears.

Listen to commercial recordings of mixes you like, evaluate them, pay attention to the effects and also learn more about what constitutes the sort of noise you seek.

Blending tricks

There’s no concealed trick to getting an excellent noise, yet if we needed to summarize the secret of mixing in 2 words it would certainly be this – EQ and compression. Okay, that’s three words.

These are possibly the two crucial devices used by professional manufacturers. Nonetheless, like any devices, if you do not recognize exactly how to use them you’ll be carving Environment tables as opposed to Chippendale chairs.

That’s where your ears and experience are available. Right here we have actually set up some manufacturing concepts, pointers, tips, and tricks but they can only be standards and also require to be adjusted to suit your material. There are no presets you can switch over in to make a poor recording noise excellent. And if your initial product has actually been badly taped not also Abbey Road can restore your mix. However, follow these recommendations as well as see how much your blends enhance.

Get the degree right

You can not push the levels when tape-recording electronically as you can when taping to tape but you still intend to get as much signal right into the system as feasible. This means enjoying the levels very thoroughly for clipping and taping at an even as well as constant degree.

Some tape-recording software program allows you to keep an eye on as well as set the input degree from within. Some anticipate you to utilize the soundcard’s mixer while others have no center for internally changing the input degree and also expect you to establish this at resource.


Your ears are just like the monitors they pay attention to. DO NOT anticipate creating a great, professional mix on tiny computer speakers. It might appear great on a computer system, but try it on a hi-fi, in a disco, and also via a car stereo.

Oddly enough, you do not always require one of the most pricey Mic. Many leading artists use what some could call “average” Mics since they function well and finish the job. You can spend a heap on a huge diaphragm capacitor Mic (yes, they benefit vocals) if you have the lolly however check out vibrant Mics which are much more inexpensive and also can be resorted to a number of tasks.

Blending MIDI and also sound

One of the wonderful features of computer-based recording is that the components can so conveniently be changed, modified as well as refined. It’s likewise so simple to integrate MIDI and also audio tracks and also many artists utilize a mix of sample loopholes, MIDI components as well as audio recording.

Audio recordings are generally guitar as well as acoustic tools such as the sax and vocals. Incidentally, the best means to tape-record guitars is by sticking a Mic in front of its audio speakers. You can DI them as well as refine them later on and this may be cleaner however, for a natural guitar appear a Mixed amp is difficult to beat.

It’s not essential to tape drums live and also, actually, it’s hard to do as well as maintain a contemporary noise. You can purchase off-the-shelf MIDI drum riffs as well as audio drum loops, or program your very own. The quality of the equipment which makes drum sounds these days is such that any person with an excellent riff can sound like a pro.

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